Market Research on 5 Industries in Crisis due COVID-19 pandemic – Oil and Gas, Automotive, Healthcare, Food and Tourism beyond Q2


5 Industries in Crisis due COVID-19 pandemic – Oil and Gas, Automotive, Healthcare, Food and Tourism beyond Q2


Q2 2020 saw what will hopefully be the most severe and sudden impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on global industries. Pharmaceutical companies are predicting that a widely-distributed vaccination for the virus could take 18 months or longer, and it is widely expected that a ‘new normal’ of suppressed economic activity will persist at least until then. There are likely to be many permanent hangovers from that new normal even after a lasting solution is found to the health crisis, both in consumer behavior and the ways that businesses operate. This report considers the likely longterm impacts on five of the worst-hit industries, in the allbut-certain event of a prolonged new normal.

Key Highlights

– The oil & gas industry has seen several large bankruptcies in Q2 2020. The peak levels of debt behind these bankruptcies, particularly in the US, will be a long-term issue, and the bigger players which survive 2020 are likely to sweep up assets in a wave of consolidation. COVID-19’s coincidence with growing intensity from climate change movements – with governments facing protests and firms seeing massive divestment – is yet another case of bad timing in this sector, particularly for oil producers.
– The impact on the automotive industry of restrictions to halt the pandemic has been more comprehensive than most. This is due to the vulnerability of its complex supply chain. Consumer behavior could remain unfavorable to this sector long after lockdowns are lifted, meaning that conventional strategies are no longer effective.
– As global restrictions have abruptly curtailed travel across and even within borders, transportation has been the hardest-hit segment of the travel and tourism industry. Lodging has shown signs of a less drawn-out recovery, having greater adaptability to pandemic conditions. Losses in the airlines segment will be sustained through the long-term and demand remains subdued and financially-strained companies join a growing list of airline bankruptcies. Of the areas covered in this report, the travel & tourism industry’s cruises segment looks to be facing the most serious existential threat, without financial support in its biggest market.


– Learn what industries have been hit the hardest by the global recession
– See the extent of the damage in those areas
– Understand whether these industries will be able to recover moving forward
– Learn just measures could help these industries to recover

Reasons to Buy

– What industries are facing severe difficulties?
– Why have COVID public health measures effected them so badly?
– Is the damage long term, or can any of them recover quickly?
– What measures need to be put in place in order for them to return to growth?

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