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Electric Vehicles in Oil & Gas – Thematic Research

The global energy landscape is transitioning towards low-carbon emitting energy sources to slowdown the process of climate change. This transition is encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), which has the potential to impact the global crude oil demand in the long term. Oil and gas companies are making structural changes in their business offerings to brace themselves for the EV adoption and convert this threat into an opportunity. These companies are finding new growth markets in EV charging infrastructure, especially in the European countries. Oil and gas companies have also started investing in power generation and distribution, and in technologies related to EV battery manufacturing to support the EV adoption.



– The report discusses how oil and gas industry is transitioning themselves to improve their sustainability and harness the booming EV industry, which may impact oil consumption in the next couple of decades
– The report analyses how EV adoption is driving oil and gas companies into to invest in EV charging infrastructure, utilities and battery technologies, and playing their part in reducing global carbon emissions.
– The report further shows some of the regulatory trends indicating the potential for EV boom in the automotive industry that was typically dominated by gasoline-powered vehicles.

Reasons to buy

– To understand emerging trends and applications in EVs for the oil and gas industry.
– Know case studies demonstrating how oil and gas companies are using EV adoption to alter their product portfolio to capture the emerging business opportunities.
– To know more about companies in the oil and gas sector, which have strong competitive position in the EV theme.

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