Frontier Pharma: Breast Cancer – First-in-Class Innovation Underlies Immunotherapeutic Potential and Pipeline Diversification for Late-Stage Breast Cancer

PUNE, India, September 05, 2018 /ResearchByMarkets/— Frontier Pharma: Breast Cancer – First-in-Class Innovation Underlies Immunotherapeutic Potential and Pipeline Diversification for Late-Stage Breast Cancer

Breast cancer remains a major global healthcare concern despite exceptional levels of public awareness about the disease. A lack of clear causative environmental factors and hereditary dispositioning have resulted in the incidence of breast cancer continuing to rise, a trend which is expected to continue into the immediate future.

In the UK, breast cancer is the leading type of cancer in women, with there being over 54,900 cases diagnosed each year. Although early-stage cancer is relatively treatable and has good 5- and 10-year disease-free survival rates, 10% of cancers are diagnosed late. Additionally, there are no treatments for metastatic breast cancer, which ultimately results in death.

As a whole, this presents a huge unmet clinical need in the breast cancer treatment algorithm. The treatment algorithm for breast cancer focuses on two main themes: standard chemotherapy and drugs that target hormones, namely estrogen and progesterone. However, chemotherapy and hormone drugs only make up a small percentage of the drug pipeline and an even smaller percentage of first-in-class products.

New trends in oncology are present in the breast cancer pipeline, in particular the focus on extracellular matrix degradation and improving the immune response to tumors. This report focuses on the epidemiology, pathophysiology and existing treatment options for breast cancer before giving detailed insight into promising pipeline targets and deal activity in the breast cancer market.



– Unmet need is extremely high in late-stage breast cancer.
– What are the most important etiological risk factors and pathophysiological processes implicated in breast cancer?
– What is the current treatment algorithm?
– How effective are current therapies for these indications, and how does this impact prognosis?
– The breast cancer pipeline is large and contains a very high proportion of first-in-class product innovation.
– Which molecule types and molecular targets are most prominent across the breast cancer pipeline?
– What are the relationships between established and up-coming molecular targets in breast cancer?
– Which first-in-class targets are most promising?
– How does first-in-class target diversity differ by stage of development and molecular target class?
– The deals landscape is active and dominated by very high and very low deal values.
– Which indications attract the highest deal values?
– How has deal activity fluctuated over the past decade?
– Which first-in-class pipeline products have no prior involvement in licensing or co-development deals?

Reasons to buy

– Appreciate the current clinical and commercial landscapes by considering disease symptoms, pathogenesis, etiology, co-morbidities and complications, epidemiology, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment options.
– Identify leading products and key unmet needs within the market.
– Recognize innovative pipeline trends by analyzing therapies by stage of development, molecule type and molecular target.
– Assess the therapeutic potential of first-in-class targets. Using proprietary matrix assessments, first-in-class targets in the pipeline have been assessed and ranked according to clinical potential.
– Consider first-in-class pipeline products with no prior involvement in licensing and co-development deals, which may represent potential investment opportunities.


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