Impact on Consumer Behavior in MEA: COVID-19 Survey Snapshot – Week 7

Impact on Consumer Behavior in MEA: COVID-19 Survey Snapshot – Week 7


Research Team is carrying out weekly consumer surveys in 11 countries between 25th March and 31st May 2020, to track consumer sentiment and shopping behavior during the Coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic. The sample size is 500 respondents per country, per week. The two countries in scope for Middle East & Africa are South Africa and UAE. Questions are consistent every week, and cover consumer opinions about COVID-19, buying behavior and product choices and impact of the Coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak on consumers’ lifestyle and activities. This report summarizes the key findings from responses in week 7.

Key Highlights

– Over week 6 – week 7, those ‘extremely concerned’ in the UAE rose again by 7%. This is surprising as the amount ‘extremely concerned’ exceeds the levels recorded between week 1 – week 3 (25th March – 13th April).

– Health and wellness is the main influencer in the purchasing decision for respondents in the UAE. Over the past week, those ‘always’ and ‘often’ influenced by this has made notable change. Respondents always influenced by health and wellness grew by 4% and those often influenced increased 8%.

– For South African respondents, time and money constraints followed by the familiarity of a product or service are the two major influencers in purchasing decisions. Post COVID-19 these factors are likely to be of even greater importance.

– As the economic constraints imposed by COVID-19 become clear as businesses remain shuttered, products that align with time and money constraints are growing in importance. Over the past week alone, respondents always influenced by this has grown by 6%.


– This report provides an insight into how the coronavirus pandemic is shaping consumer sentiment in South Africa and UAE.

– It summarizes key findings from the survey ‘s responses and offers insight into how destinations and industry players can adapt to meet changing demands and needs.

Reasons to Buy

– Gain access to primary survey data results.

– Understand how the coronavirus pandemic is changing consumer attitudes.

– Assess how you can adapt your business plans and strategies to better meet these changing needs.

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