USA Pork Market with Focus on Production – Smithfield Foods, Tyson, JBS (Swift), Hormel Foods Corporation Profiled

The US Pork Market with Focus on Production: Size, Trends & Forecasts (2018-2022)“, provides analysis of the US pork market, with detailed analysis of market growth, and production volume of the industry. The analysis includes the market by volume, by number of hog supply, leading states in hog/pig inventory etc.

Moreover, the report also assesses the key opportunities in the market and outlines the factors that are and will be driving the growth of the industry. Growth of the overall the US pork market has also been forecasted for the years 2018-2022, taking into consideration the previous growth patterns, the growth drivers and the current and future trends.

Smithfield Foods, Tyson, JBS (Swift) and Hormel Foods Corporation are some of the key players operating in the global audio streaming market, whose company profiling has been done in the report. In this segment of the report, business overview, financial overview and business strategies of the companies are provided.

Company Coverag

Smithfield Foods 
JBS (Swift)
Hormel Foods Corporation  

Executive Summary

Meat is one of the essential food item in many countries. Meat is obtained from different cattle’s such as goat, hog/pig, sheep, chicken, turkey, etc. On a broader aspect, meat is categorized into four types: red meat, poultry, pork and seafood. Red meat is comprised of meat obtained from goat, beef and lamb. Poultry is derived from chicken and turkey whereas pork is extracted from pigs/hogs. Seafood comprises of flesh obtained from fish, crab and lobster.

Pork is the second important meat food of the Americans. Pork can be consumed both freshly cooked and preserved. Usually, when a pig/hog is taken to slaughter, it should be of the appropriate weigh, i.e. between 90 and 135 kg (200 and 300 pounds) and provide about 70% to 74% of that weight in meat. To reach the correct weight, a piglet (three week age) is first transformed into pig (an immature swine) and then to a hog whose weight is nearing the market demand.

Pork production process is comprised of various stages. From breeding (mating by animals) to farrowing (birth of a piglet) and flattening. Then processing (preparation for slaughter), slaughtering, packaging and finally for sales. Pork consist of many nutritional features. Pork is one of the best source of proteins and is commonly consumed by athletes, sportspersons and gym following people.

The US pork market with focus on production is expected to increase at high growth rates during the forecasted period (2018-2022). The US pork market with focus on production is supported by various growth drivers, such as growth in the US economy, new pork processing capacity, increased corn production and supplies, etc. yet, the market faces certain challenges, such as, Low Fat Diet Impacting the Market, food safety issues, etc. Few new market trends are also provided such as, increasing us pork exports, new in sustainable pig farming: lupine, etc.


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